Yoga, Crystals, Vibes.



Using breath, inner dialogue & movement to raise your vibe and balance your flow.


What's the vibe?

I feel strongly about the power of moving our bodies, focusing on our breath, calming the mind and using the natural energy of crystals in a daily healing practice. I feel strongly about it because it has worked for me and my clients.

Welcome to Yogarox an online sanctuary filled with crystals, yoga & healing offerings, I hope you can feel the loving energy I pour into what I do.

Every crystal is handpicked , cleansed & charged before being sent to it's new home, each yoga class is taught with integrity, care and presence and my healing sessions are focused on you, your energy and your healing.

I hope you enjoy the vibe,

Charlotte x

Why I do what I do...

"I had a pregnancy crystal healing session, before the healing I had not connected with my bump. After I had some important breakthroughs! The feeling has stayed with me - I would 100% recommend."

Penny, Recruitment Consultant.

Why I do what I do...

"I really enjoyed the crystal healing session with Charlotte!

The sessions left me calm, grounded yet energized

I have booked my next session, she was fantastic."

Ariana, Events Manager

Why I do what I do...

"I am trying to navigate through a lot of changes & uncertain times. I felt I needed some support & confidence, so I came to Charlotte to learn how I could find that in myself. Through meditation & crystals I can channel the right energy to focus. I also have a weekly yoga session with Charlotte this keeps my body healthy & keeps me focusing on my physical, as well, as my mental health."

Fiona, Account Manager