The Full Moon, a great time to let anything that no longer serves you go. If you are anything like me your energy may seem all over the place, you may feel like you have a huge surge of energy so make sure to let it out, I like to use my yoga practice to let go of some steam... I lean towards Vinyasa in the mornings and yin in the evening to calm my energy ready for sleep. 

Cleanse your space & energy

Smudge with responsibly sourced sage & repeat "I let go of anything that does not serve me". Have a long bath, add your favourite crystals (make sure they are safe to put into water). Clean & tidy your space. Meditate & repeat "I let go of anything that does not serve me"

Cleanse & charge your crystals by moon light

Gather your crystals & place them in direct moon light over night if possible, either by a window or outside. We do this as crystals absorb energy they are exposed to. Cleansing them brings them back to their natural frequency. Once they are cleansed you can charge them with your own energy & attune them to your own intentions. I love using amethyst during full moon to balance my third eye and feel into my intuition. It also helps with anxiety and to calm the mind when the full moon heightens our energy. 

Meditate, Reflect, Journal

Sit in the full moon light if possible, listen to your favourite meditation playlist or in silence & still your mind. If you set intentions during the new moon or a to do list, check back and reflect on what you have & have not done and why. Write down anything you wish to let go of, patterns, behaviour or energies that no longer serve you. Burn this list the day after full moon (safely).

Dance, Sing, Release 

The full moon brings an abundance of energy with it so in order to let it out, get into your body & release in the way that suits you. Dance around to your favourite playlist, sing in the mirror, go for a run or a workout or watch a comedy and laugh out loud. Be prepared for the surge in energy & find a positive outlet for it.

Happy Full Moon! 

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