The New Moon, a time to welcome new energy, behaviour patterns, love into your life. I always find myself wanting to clean everything and try new things around the new moon. Manifest, initiate and say yes to new stuff!


Intention setting 

Spend some time thinking about something you are passionate about. The new moon is a very fertile time, set clear, concise steps on how to move towards your intention. 

Start something new, apply for a new job, go on a date, do something you have not done before but have been meaning to do.

The new moon is the perfect time to introduce new into your life.


Work with Crystals 

Black Tourmaline grounds us, protects us and shields our energy during the darkest time of the month. Giving us a sense of safety to move toward our intentions with confidence.

Labradorite a powerful stone for transformation and new energy that comes with the new moon. Connecting us to our higher self and cleansing the third eye & crown chakra Labradorite is the perfect addition to new moon rituals & meditation.

Lapis Lazuli connects us to our throat chakra allowing us to step into our truth and authentic self. Connecting to this energy helps us identify our truth and grow into this space.

Moonstone as the name suggests is very connected to the moon's energy & represents feminine energy. This protective stone settles our mood, brings success in love & business & helps with manifestation.

Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positivity which can be very helpful during the darkness of the new moon. Use this stone when healing emotionally & targeting patterns that no longer serve you. Harness this protective energy & set intentions with confidence from a safe & grounded space.


Create a sacred space

Cleanse your energy, crystals & space. Tidy, clean & organise.


Make space for new energy.

Start your own new moon ritual, something you can commit to every month. A new yoga class, meditation, time with your crystals. Whatever it is write it down and take time out to welcome in the new.


Happy new moon!



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