Amethyst with Goethite on stand

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Its a kind of MAGIC... 

Used to balance the Third-eye, this amethyst cluster encourages intuitive guidance, spiritual awareness and help with an anxious mind, unpacking fear and settling moods.

Amethyst wakes us up & helps us step away from an anxious mind by balancing the third-eye.

Once we are listening to our intuition decision making become a lot easier and life becomes clearer.

Use Amethyst when feeling overwhelmed or to quiet monkey mind during meditation.

There is a sprinkle of goethite which acts as a "cosmic anchor" during meditation to allow you to stay grounded whilst able to access your higher self and consciousness. It also helps to release current and past life feelings about yourself that no longer serve you.

Cleanse and charge by moonlight, sage or with selenite. 

Do not leave in direct sunlight.