Heart Chakra Cleanse & Balance Crystal Kit

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Cleanse your space, crystals and chakras with organic Salo panto and Selenite, balance out the masculine and feminine sides of your heart chakra using the beautifully contrasting rose quartz and jade and keep all your crystals charged in the selenite heart bowl! 


Raw Rose Quartz

Jade Palm

Selenite stick

Organic Palo Santo 

Selenite Heart Charging Bowl


Rose Quartz is alllll about the LOVE. Unconditional, heart warming, healing love! 

Whether you are in a relationship and want to deepen the love, want to attract love or working on self love rose quartz is the answer. 


Jade bring luck, prosperity, wealth & protection. 

Wealth in all aspects of life, financial, success, love & health. Do you set goals that are unachievable, self sabotage or lose motivation quickly? Jade will help you see you can achieve your goals, set your heart on what you want and let jade help with a positive mindset and self belief. 


Selenite, your go-to cleansing & purification crystal. 

Use to cleanse your own energy, your crystals energy and your space Selenite raises your vibrations and protects you from negative energies. Selenite is connected to the crown chakra and encourages higher consciousness. 

Holding Selenite during meditation helps cleanse the crown chakra.